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Ray 9,916
A fast and simple framework for building and running distributed applications. Ray is packaged with RLlib, a scalable reinforcement learning library, and Tune, a scalable hyperparameter tuning library.

Tpot 6,606
A Python Automated Machine Learning tool that optimizes machine learning pipelines using genetic programming.

Autokeras 6,421
Accessible AutoML for deep learning.

Nni 4,652
An open source AutoML toolkit for neural architecture search, model compression and hyper-parameter tuning.

Featuretools 4,452
An open source python library for automated feature engineering

Auto Sklearn 4,152
Automated Machine Learning with scikit-learn

Adanet 2,961
Fast and flexible AutoML with learning guarantees.

Darts 2,577
Differentiable architecture search for convolutional and recurrent networks

Pocketflow 2,381
An Automatic Model Compression (AutoMC) framework for developing smaller and faster AI applications.

Awesome Automl Papers 2,177
A curated list of automated machine learning papers, articles, tutorials, slides and projects

Mindsdb 2,084
Machine Learning in one line of code

Transmogrifai 1,757
TransmogrifAI (pronounced trăns-mŏgˈrə-fī) is an AutoML library for building modular, reusable, strongly typed machine learning workflows on Apache Spark with minimal hand-tuning

Automl Gs 1,580
Provide an input CSV and a target field to predict, generate a model + code to run it.

Auto_ml 1,383
[UNMAINTAINED] Automated machine learning for analytics & production

Advisor 1,111
Open-source implementation of Google Vizier for hyper parameters tuning

Mlbox 979
MLBox is a powerful Automated Machine Learning python library.

Proxylessnas 919
[ICLR 2019] ProxylessNAS: Direct Neural Architecture Search on Target Task and Hardware.

Awesome Nas 898
A curated list of neural architecture search (NAS) resources.

Devol 883
Genetic neural architecture search with Keras

Morph Net 858
Fast & Simple Resource-Constrained Learning of Deep Network Structure

Awesome System For Machine Learning 734
A curated list of research in machine learning system. I also summarize some papers if I think they are really interesting.

Fast Autoaugment 691
Official Implementation of 'Fast AutoAugment' in PyTorch.

Nas Projects 595
NAS-Bench-102 and 11 neural architecture search algorithms implemented in PyTorch.

Hungabunga 534
HungaBunga: Brute-Force all sklearn models with all parameters using .fit .predict!

Kaggler 523
Code for Kaggle Data Science Competitions

Awesome Automl And Lightweight Models 510
A list of high-quality (newest) AutoML works and lightweight models including 1.) Neural Architecture Search, 2.) Lightweight Structures, 3.) Model Compression, Quantization and Acceleration, 4.) Hyperparameter Optimization, 5.) Automated Feature Engineering.

Deepcamera 496
Protect your privacy, open source AI-powered video surveillance on Android, featuring face recognition, human shape recognition(ReID), etc. The world's first AutoML Deep Learning edge AI platform. No programming exp needed to train a new model for your privacy.

Eps 486
Machine learning for Ruby

Atm 461
Auto Tune Models - A multi-tenant, multi-data system for automated machine learning (model selection and tuning).

Smac3 454
Sequential Model-based Algorithm Configuration

Machinejs 413
[UNMAINTAINED] Automated machine learning- just give it a data file! Check out the production-ready version of this project at ClimbsRocks/auto_ml

Tensorflow 101 374
TensorFlow 101: Introduction to Deep Learning for Python

Pba 354
Efficient Learning of Augmentation Policy Schedules

Hpbandster 317
a distributed Hyperband implementation on Steroids

Pnasnet.pytorch 294
PyTorch implementation of PNASNet-5 on ImageNet

Nascell Automl 217

Autogluon 206
AutoGluon: AutoML Toolkit for Deep Learning

Mljar Supervised 197
The Automated Machine Learning - the new standard in ML. Machine Learning for Humans.

Amc 184
[ECCV 2018] AMC: AutoML for Model Compression and Acceleration on Mobile Devices.

Mlcomp 158
Distributed DAG (Directed acyclic graph) framework for machine learning with UI

Haq 144
[CVPR 2019, Oral] HAQ: Hardware-Aware Automated Quantization with Mixed Precision.

Amc Compressed Models 136
[ECCV 2018] Compressed models from AMC: AutoML for Model Compression and Acceleration on Mobile Devices.

Automlbenchmark 131

Milano 123
Milano is a tool for automating hyper-parameters search for your models on a backend of your choice.

Auptimizer 122
An automatic ML model optimization tool.

Machinelp Codefun 119
MachineLP CodeFun

Autoclint 116
A specially designed light version of Fast AutoAugment

Amla 113
AutoML frAmework for Neural Networks

Btb 110
A simple, extensible library for developing AutoML systems 99
TensorFlow implementation of PNASNet-5 on ImageNet

Deephyper 70
DeepHyper: Scalable Asynchronous Neural Architecture and Hyperparameter Search for Deep Neural Networks

Efficientnas 41
Towards Automated Deep Learning: Efficient Joint Neural Architecture and Hyperparameter Search [url]


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