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通过Digilent Adept进行FPGA入门编程

通过Digilent Adept进行FPGA入门编程

官方说开源支持如下两块板:Nexys 3和Basys 2!!0-item_pic.jpg_400x400.jpg!!271476416.jpg_400x400.jpg

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不能编程 只能使用labview来调试bit文件!

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Adept 2 参考手册

Adept 2 Reference ManualDigilent Adept is a unique and powerful solution which allows you to communicate with Digilent system boards and a wide assortment of logic devices.
[*]Configure the Xilinx logic devices. Initialize a scan chain, program FPGAs, CPLDs, and PROMs, organize and keep track of your configuration files
[*]Transfer data to and from the onboard FPGA on your system board. Read from and write to specified registers. Load a stream of data to a register or read a stream of data from a register.
[*]Organize and quickly connect to your communications modules.
[*]Program Xilinx XCFS Platform Flash devices using .bit or .mcs files.
[*]Program Xilinx CoolRunner2 CPLDs using .jed files.
[*]Program most Spartan and Virtex series FPGAs with .bit files.
Installing on Windows 2000 & Windows XP: You must be signed in as administrator to install Adept under Windows 2000 or Windows XP. For Windows 2000, you must also have up to SP4 as well as all web updates installed.
[*]The Adept SDK provides an API (Digilent Port Communications Utility or DPCUTIL)) for performing JTAG manipulations and data transfer with Xilinx FPGAs on Digilent system boards. Using this API, you can create your own data transfer applications for your Digilent system board. You can also create JTAG configuration and testing applications as well. A command-line data transfer program is provided to demonstrate the Adept SDK API.
[*]Provides an API for performing JTAG manipulation and data transfer with Xilinx FPGAs on Digilent system boards.
[*]Quickly and easily create data transfer applications for use with your Digilent system board
[*]Demo data transfer application provided

[*]Download PDF –
[*]Digilent Port Communications Programmers Reference Manual – PDF
[*]Digilent Parallel Interface Model Reference Manual – PDF
[*]Parallel Interface reference design for data transfer between PC and FPGA. –
[*]Collecton of UCF files used to build DpimRef logic for most Digilent system boards. – ZIP
[*]Adept I/O expansion reference design – ZIP

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