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NI Linux 实时运行时破解

NI Linux 实时运行时破解

NI's additions include scripts and other software affecting login. Toenable login without NI software, you will need to make a few more changes.Assuming you are in safe mode and the run mode filesystem is mounted at/mnt/userfs:1. Update the getty line in /mnt/userfs/etc/inittab to use ttyS0 insteadof ttyPS0. (Zynq targets only.)2. Provide a password for an account to use to log in (for example, if youwant to log in as root, "passwd -R /mnt/userfs root").Enjoy, and happy hacking!

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阿豪博士 发表于 2019-7-23 20:58:34

这个 是将普通的ZYNQ 通过烧录 改成NI RIO吗?

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阿豪博士 发表于 2019-7-23 20:58
这个 是将普通的ZYNQ 通过烧录 改成NI RIO吗?


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请问 你是研究什么的啊?我看你不怎么上线。我们是否可以加一个IM聊一聊?

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